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10 Oct

New book from Fieldhouse Media founder Kevin DeShazo

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You’re busy. You have meetings to attend and practice to run and donors to meet and games to prepare for and graphics to create and budgets to approve and on and on and on. 10 more emails decided to invade your inbox while reading this.

Busyness is the enemy of great leadership. The good news? You do have the time and you are more than capable of being a leader people want to follow. No matter your position, no matter your title, leadership is for you.

So where to start? That’s where the new book from Fieldhouse Media founder Kevin DeShazo, Leadership Interrupted, comes in. For the last 3.5 years, he’s been sending a daily email to leaders in athletics (sign up here to get on that list), challenging and inspiring them to be better leaders. He’s taken 365 of them and put them into a book. It will challenge and inspire you to become the leader you were meant to be.

Leadership is a journey, not an event. This book will be the guide for your leadership journey. It will help you be a better leader in the locker room, in the office and at home. The good news? It’s free for a limited time! Get it for yourself. Have your team get a copy (paperback version will be coming soon).

Right now, it’s #1 on Amazon for Career Guides and #10 in Nonfiction. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to invest in yourself. Are you ready? Go here to get your copy today.


In addition to running Fieldhouse Media, Kevin is a Partner with Culture Wins Championships, providing leaders in athletics with a proven program to create championship culture. To schedule a session for your team or learn more about our program, contact us today.

08 Dec

Introducing The Sports Leadership Podcast

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Welcome, friends, to the introduction episode of The Sports Leadership Podcast. The show is hosted by Fieldhouse Media/Fieldhouse Leadership founder Kevin DeShazo and Mark Hodgkin, Product Manager for College Sports at NeuLion. This is a podcast that will focus on leadership and social media as it relates to sports. There are a number of podcasts on social media, and hundreds on leadership, but none that focused in the unique area of the athletics industry. We are excited to get this off the ground and look forward to it being another resource for those working in athletics.


Take a listen to the intro episode (We’ll also have it up on iTunes soon). We are always looking for feedback, questions and suggestions, so shoot your ideas to Mark or Kevin on Twitter.


Fieldhouse Media is an award-winning firm dedicated to helping athletics departments get the most out of their social media efforts, from educating student-athletes and staff to providing an overall strategy. To find out more about us or to join the more than 100 schools utilizing our services for their athletics department, contact us today.