A Written Agreement Between Lord And Vassal

September 8, 2021 admin

The Magna Charta, imposed by his masters on King John, contained 38 chapters that set out the Crown`s claims to freedom, including restrictions on the crown`s rights to the land. As part of the feudal treaty, the Lord promised to protect the vassal and made a piece of land available to the vassal. This country could be passed on to the vassal`s heirs, which allowed the vassal to own the country. The vassal was also endowed with the power to rent the country profitably to others, a practice known as hostility. The whole agreement was referred to as a fief and the collection of fiefs of a lord was referred to as a fief. According to the feudal treaty, the Lord had the duty to give the fief to his vassal, to protect him and to render him justice in his court.

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