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A connection project requires new or modified transmission facilities, built by the designated TFO upon receipt of regulatory approvals. The project may be subject to a new agreement or modification by the SAS. To request a copy of the AIES card, contact A contract capacity change project modifies or terminates an existing SAS agreement. There is no need to modify the transmission facilities or the operator`s existing facilities connected to the transmission system. Any questions or clarifications beyond what is recorded on this page may involve your project manager or a BTF project that an operator modifies their existing facilities connected to the transfer system, which requires the operator to transmit data to the AESO in accordance with section 502.15 of the ISO Rules. The project can be created from new facilities of market participants, modified or closed. There is no need to modify the transport facilities, but the project may require a new or modified SAS agreement. To award your system access service contract to another legal entity, you must enter into an assignment, acquisition and novation contract. To continue, send an email to Commercial Services at In Phase 2, technical studies are completed to evaluate connection alternatives.

The results of the study are verified together with cost estimates and installation design, and the AESO chooses the preferred connection alternative. Find them in the page menu under Projects > Connection Project Reporting The AESO Connection Process is used to facilitate a market operator`s request for a new system access service in Alberta`s transmission system. The following information is intended to help market participants navigate through the process. Phase 1 is the scoping phase of the project. This phase includes a project kick-off meeting where discussions on the project plan and scope of studies will begin. The responsibilities and involvement of AESO, TFO, market participants and research advisors are defined for the project. MPC is a variant of a connection project that meets the criteria set out in the Transfer Regulation, for which the TFO and the operator agree that the operator will build part (or all) of the transmission facility in place of the TFO and where ownership of that part will be transferred to the TFO once completed. .

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