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Three and a half years ago I began a journey. A journey that has taken me, along with friends/colleagues, to more than 65 collegiate campuses to talk with tens of thousands of student-athletes, as well as thousands of athletics administrators. Building and running Fieldhouse Media has been some of the most rewarding, difficult, exciting, stressful, beautiful times of my life. I’m tremendously encouraged about the road ahead for Fieldhouse, which has now become a full service digital strategy and training firm. 

Most of the time, as you are probably well aware, my conversations on campus are centered on social media, from educating student-athletes and staff to working with marketing and communications to develop a department strategy.

Somewhere along the line a new conversation started to take place, mostly with ADs and senior leaders. Over lunch or dinner or brief moments in their offices, we would begin to discuss what was happening in the department and in college athletics as a whole. I got to hear about their frustrations and challenges, as well as their hopes and dreams.

I was no longer just the “social media guy.”

To have a seat at the table with these leaders is an honor. These are great men and women who dream of growing and leading strong, effective organizations. They were opening up and letting me into their world. These conversations spurred me to launch Fieldhouse Leadership earlier this year.

What began in February as just a daily email (also on Twitter, at @fieldhousedaily) to challenge and inspire leaders in collegiate athletics has grown into something I didn’t really imagine. Well over 200 leaders have signed up for the emails, and I hear weekly about how folks are sharing these with their entire team. That’s overwhelming and exciting to hear. 

I also continue to get emails asking for more, typically asking, “what’s next?”

Knowing I wasn’t fully equipped for what’s next, I reached out to my friend and mentor, Jeremie Kubicek. He runs an organization called GiANT Worldwide, developing and building leaders and healthy organizations around the globe (a few you may have heard of: Chick Fil A, Ford, the British Foreign Office). Their passion is to help leaders become leaders worth following while leading organizations everyone wants to work for.

I’ve been going through some of their content over the past 6 months and the impact on my life and leadership (both personally and professionally) has been profound. This isn’t motivational speaker rah rah stuff. This is practical, relevant, heart level content that challenges your status quo and has a long-lasting impact on you and, as a result, your team and organization. And this isn’t just for the top 10% of an organization. It starts at the top but it doesn’t end there. Everybody (even student-athletes) gets to play, everybody matters.

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 5.42.07 PM

Today, I’m beyond thrilled to officially announce a partnership between Fieldhouse Leadership with GiANT Worldwide. Together, we want to transform leadership in collegiate athletics through a variety of offerings (all of these can be found on the Fieldhouse Leadership website).

I cannot possibly put into words how excited I am about this. This is something that has been stirring within me for quite some time and to see it come to fruition is incredible. We have put together a fantastic team to lead these initiatives. Leaders with inspiring backgrounds and a passion for serving other leaders. I cannot wait for them to get to your campus.

So if you are serious about your leadership and the health of your athletics department/organization, check out the all new Look around, ask questions, let us know how we can serve you.

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