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Once the company focuses on distribution attention, it can effectively explore other ways to increase brand advertising and sales, for example through advertising and other marketing strategies. If there is an exclusive distribution agreement between a manufacturer and a distributor, the manufacturer is not allowed to sell the product to other distributors, with the exception of the exclusively authorized distributor. Similarly, a distributor who is granted an exclusive right to distribute products from a manufacturer is not allowed to market or sell the products of the manufacturer`s competitors. Suppose Rolex needs a distributor in an area. Rolex is aware that showrooms throughout the region will reduce their brand value (the prestige associated with its brand). As a result, Rolex receives an exclusive distributor for this region. The exclusive distributor then launched its own exclusive Rolex distribution centers and also marketed Rolex watches in distribution centers in the region`s elite neighbourhoods. An outstanding attribute of exclusive distributors is that they are financially able to store large quantities of product. This is why the product is readily available to major retailers and retailers, which increases distribution. Since exclusive distributors typically have to pay large sums of money for the products, the manufacturer`s cash position is improved by payments made by distributors to store the product. The role of a distributor is to engage wholesalers and retailers to sell the products to end consumers. The number of distributors a company appoints depends on the company and its objectives and objectives. For example, companies such as P-G and HUL are dealing with multiple distributors, while companies such as Lamborghini, BMW, Rolex and Mercedes name few distributors for a single region.

In addition, they are known for entering into exclusive distribution agreements. In doing so, the distributor removes the risk from the manufacturer and keeps the manufacturer`s finances safe. However, this is only possible if the manufacturer designates an ethically and financially stable exclusive distributor. An exclusive sales contract can cover a small or large region. However, no one is in favour of the distribution of the brand or product to which the distributor ordered is intended in a given region. The provisions on cooperation between a supplier and a distributor are included in an agreement and the EDA is an example of this agreement. Guide to Exclusive Distribution Agreements The exclusivity agreement consists of a number of clauses. The most complicated are explained here. A distribution agreement usually consists of two parties: 2 b) – Restrictions on the distributor`s activities The opposite of granting a right to distribute your products in a given geographical area prevents the distributor from actively seeking customers outside such an area. You may have designated other distributors in other geographic areas and all distributors expect to have “their” geographic area.

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