Licence Agreement Of Internet With Telephony

December 12, 2020 admin

(c) any device/adaptor that meets the standards of international agencies (ITU, IETF, etc.) that are connected to an Internet Service Provider (ISP) node with a static IP address, a similar device/adaptor inside or outside India. ix) the licensee may install, operate and operate an international Internet gateway with satellites or underwater cables, after obtaining a security permit from the licensee. (iv) The provisions of the programming and advertising code, as provided for by the Cable Television Network (Regulation) Act 1995 and in these rules, also apply to content other than television channels originating from programs provided by the licensee. Since the purchaser provides this content, it is the licensee`s responsibility to ensure compliance with the codes relating to such content. In addition, these licensees will also be bound by different laws, instructions, instructions, guidelines that are edited from time to time by the central government to regulate content. 34.16 The activation of the service is only carried out after checking customers in good faith for customers with leased lines on the Internet, verifying the information covered by Schedule VII and physically inspecting the site. In addition, the reasons for the customer recording the connection must be recorded. 17.1 Registration fee: Only one non-refundable start-up fee equal to Rs. – Lakh was paid by the licensee prior to the signing of this license agreement. (vi) Unified Messaging Services (UMS) can be provided without additional bank performance guarantee (PBG) as part of (i) to ii). d.

Record all software updates and changes. Major updates and changes should be communicated to the licensee within 15 (15) days of the completion of these updates and changes. 11.2 In the event of termination, surrender or expiry of the licence, the bank guarantee (BG) is released after a minimum period of 6 (six) months to the licensee, after having ensured the release of all taxes that the licensee must pay to the licensee. In the event of the taker`s failure to pay the sums due to the licensee, the remaining sums are made by the collection of the BG, without prejudice to other measures to recover the sums due to the licensee, without further notification to the licensee. (ii) When adopting investment proposals, the FIPB may take security concerns into account. The licensed/promoter of Indian projects/investment companies, including its holding companies, must comply with the relevant provisions of government NCE policy. (i) Any international location of the gateway and/or isP node with a router/switch with a capacity of 2 Mbps or more must be equipped with an observatory at the expense of the Internet Service Provider (ISP).

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