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Long-Term Benefits of Social Media Education for Student Athletes

January 24, 2012 Kevin DeShazo Social Media Education Tags: , , , , 0 Comments

I’ve previously touched on the issue of the role social media can play in helping (or hurting) an individual get a job. 91% of employers admit to using social media to screen applicants. 68% have hired a candidate because of what they saw on their social media profile. The reasons? The persons, through social media, appeared “well-rounded, gave a positive impression of their personality, showed solid communication skills.”

We ‘ve all seen the NCAA commercials informing us that 99% of student-athletes go pro in something other than sports.

Check out this infographic:

Source: NCAA

Based on these estimations, .7% of NCAA student-athletes will play sports professionally. The other 99.3% will be getting “normal” jobs. In other words – the commercials are true.

68% of them can use social media to help them get those jobs.

It’s time to educate them on how to use social media well.

The benefits can be long-lasting.


Fieldhouse Media is a firm dedicated to educating student-athletes and coaches on how to use social media in a positive, appropriate way. To find out more about us or to join the growing list of schools utilizing our services for their athletic department, contact us today.

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