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Noisemaking vs Storytelling

June 4, 2014 Kevin DeShazo Social Media Strategy Tags: , , 0 Comments


According to a recent study by OneSpot, that is the average number of digital words consumed every day by the average US citizen. For perspective, here are the word counts of some of the greatest novels in history:

To Kill a Mockingbird:     99,121
A Tale of Two Cities:       135, 420
The Catcher in the Rye:   73,404
The Hobbit:                     95,022

Process that for a moment. We read a novel every single day. A novel made up of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feeds. Of blog posts and news articles, emails and texts.

This is the battle you face in regards to getting the attention of your fans. You are competing, every day, with the great American novel of noise.

So how do you win?

Most of us simply add to the noise. We fill the timelines of our fans with generic updates, bland game recaps, uninteresting quotes, blurry pictures. If we are being honest with ourselves, we are all expert noisemakers. We try to get content out as quickly as possible, without crafting a specific message for the specific platform.

You compete against noise by telling a story. There’s a lot of talk about storytelling online, but many still fail to execute. You first have to know what story you want to tell. Your story is the heart of everything you do online. It drives your messaging, your pictures, your content. You plan your story. It isn’t random.

To tell a story you must know your audience, your fans. You can create the greatest graphics in the world, but if it isn’t relevant to your audience you’ve wasted your time. You’ve just added noise. Telling a great story might mean you need to back off of certain platforms. Your department is currently on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube? Remove Pinterest and see how much better you become at the other 4 when you have more time to devote to them. You can do good and average all day long. Noisy is easy. Great doesn’t happen by accident. It happens when we give ourselves the time and resources to create.

If we want to leverage the power of social media, we have to focus on creating great content specifically for our audience.

We have to be storytellers, not noisemakers.

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