Reconciliation Agreement For The Canadian Registration Number

April 11, 2021 admin

In Canada, pressure containers and faucets used in applications with pressure greater than 15 psi and pipe supports are a fluid that is no more dangerous than water must have a Canadian Registration Number (CRN). From 1 January 2020, manufacturers wishing to obtain a European-wide registration will now be able to expect a lighter design review process. Design reviews conducted by Canadian provinces and territories participating in the Reconciliation Agreement for the Canadian Registration Number (CRN) of pressurized equipment are now mutually recognized and should not be reviewed in any other legal area. In the Reconciliation Agreement for the Canadian Registration Number (CRN) for pressurized equipment. For more information, check out the latest news and the full agreement. The online registration service also includes elements of the national registration requirements that appear in the application forms. Instead of a national system for national registration, these provinces and territories have worked to recognize the validity of design reviews. While this does not mean that the provinces and territories will adopt or comply with each other`s rules, a design review, once completed in one of these systems, should not be reviewed in another. This reduces the burden on the sector, as manufacturers previously had to follow a new registration and verification procedure for each jurisdiction in which their product would be sold, installed or used. The intention of this agreement is to save time (and potentially money) for manufacturers. The Reconciliation Agreement for the Canadian Pressurized Equipment Registration Number (RA for CRN) came into effect on January 1, 2020. This agreement allows for mutual recognition and standardization of Canadian registrations among provincial regulators.

Sign up once and create many variations – generic registration is a powerful way to reduce registration costs and delays. More companies should do it this way! A detailed guide to identifying tank, piping and assembly CRN numbers. As they say, which province registered the product first and where it is registered, and how to combine the registration numbers of several provinces into a number that matches your badge. “Technical Safety BC is pleased to be part of this initiative. It provides easy access to provincial markets by simplifying the process.

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