Sap Transaction To Display Rebate Agreements

December 16, 2020 admin

Setting-2: After establishing the agreements, the system calculates the deductions from each applicable invoice and updates these discount limits in the rebate agreement to see that few invoices are established. To view the updated discount limits in the discount agreement, select the conditionality rate managed in the agreement and select the “Payment Data” symbol. Delivery of materials: It allows condition rates for a flow/A and uses a calculation based on quantities. Discounts are not paid until after the validity period of the rebate contract has expired. Thus, the system tracks all billing documents (bills, credits and invoices) that are relevant to the processing of discounts in SAP SD. The system automatically reserves demarcations. By creating limits, you`ll get an overview of the cumulative value of the discount. Text search procedure: Indicate the corresponding text search procedure for the delivery agreement with the corresponding text identifier. Note: If it is a customer discount, the condition rate is maintained for the payer. Default status: indicates the default status of the discount agreement.

In general, it will be “open.” Note: The type of “R3” sales device is identical to “CR,” with the exception of the corresponding type of billing “B3” (partial compensation). 2. Then create a discount contract for this T ust VB01 code. For the type of discount, you can choose 0001 8. Now use VF01 to create a discount credit by typing in the credit requirement number and registering it For the types of discount conditions, we assume “Delimitation Key” and “Account Key.” The demarcation key (URE) allows the system to reserve deductions from each applicable invoice on the corresponding in-kind accounts. Here we would like to draw your attention to the VBO3 transaction code in SAP. As we know, it is used in the SAP SD-MD (Master Data in SD) component, which is under the SD (Sales – Distribution) module. VBO3 is a booking code used for the display discount agreement in SAP. Once you`ve made your discounts, you`ll have to pay the discount. To set up the discount, we will activate the discount in the next 3 areas. b.

for billing (in the IMG > billing > processing of rebates > active processing of rebates > selection of billing statements for the processing of rebates. Final count: Here we must indicate the “B1” file to create Belegra`s discount credit requirement, while the final tally is final to the debitor. For the types of discounts, we maintain the “24” requirement, which states that the types of discounts can only be defined in a billing document.

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