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A Student Athlete Social Media Success Story

December 22, 2013 Kevin DeShazo Social Media Education Tags: , , 1 Comment

Say that six times fast before your first cup of coffee.

I got an email last night from a student-athlete who recently graduated from one of the more than 20 programs we worked with this fall on social media education. I get emails like this from student-athletes fairly often, but I guess this one hit harder because of the holiday season and reflection that comes with the end of the year.

Social Media Success

I responded to the young man by congratulating him, then asking what line of work he was going into after having passed his spanish clep practice test. Obviously, he said that he was going to be a Spanish teacher (which is fantastic on an entirely different level). He told me that the person he interviewed with noted in one of his interviews that they had checked out his Twitter profile  – this is normally when people tense up and start to wonder, “Oh no. What did they find?” They mentioned that while they were impressed with his interviews, how he used social media showed real character. It revealed to them somebody they could trust to be with their students on a daily basis.

Knowing how most employers think, I would guess that this school official checked the young man’s Twitter account looking for something bad. Something that could help them throw his resumé in the trash and move them closer to finding the right candidate. What he found instead is a reason to not only keep the resumé, but to move forward with hiring this individual.

We’ve talked more times that I can count about how social media is playing a role in the job search, with 93% of recruiters checking the social media profiles of candidates. Normally all you hear are the horror stories about how a post or tweet cost somebody a job. I’m more of a fan of success stories.

Stories that show the good that can come from using social media well.

Stories that show that social media isn’t the bad guy or something to be feared.

Stories that show that education changes behavior.

It is stories like this that fuel what we do. It’s why I started Fieldhouse Media and why I believe so strongly in our mission.

Here’s to the successes.

Fieldhouse Media is a firm dedicated to helping student-athletes and coaches use social media in a positive, appropriate way through education and monitoring. To find out more about us or to join the over 65 schools utilizing our services for their athletic department, contact us today.

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