Student Placement Agreement Template

April 12, 2021 admin

The Office of Clinical Partnerships (OCP) uses the DocuSign Web system for authorized users to prepare and acquire signature authorization for University Student Membership and Placement Agreements (PSPs). DocuSign provides a mechanism to (1) track the status of each agreement and (2) browse a central repository of fully executed agreements. The model of the student placement agreement for the public hospital sector was originally developed in 2006 to help clinical internship and training providers formalize their partnerships. IMPORTANT: There is no access to shared OCP templates until (a) an account has been created and (b) linked to the shared folder. The BSG offers standardized conditions in which students of training providers can be placed with placement service providers in order to benefit from education and training. Information about the student induction protocol can be found in the student induction protocol section. Although GSB is not mandatory, DHHS is urgently encouraging health services that offer internships to clinical health students to take advantage of the protocol. To learn more about the use of DocuSign for the organization of affiliation and study agreements, including the planning of individual consultations or group service, please contact Saudia E. Rodriques-Hill. NOTE: The template for DocuSign contract details must be completed for each non-standard agreement provided by sponsors. DocuSign does not need an account to sign documents.

Internship coordinators and other authorized users who initiate and process SPAs must create their own ASU DocuSign account. NOTE: Due to ASU`s unique registration process, all DocuSign accounts are created with your (asuriteusername) The “classic” view is recommended and can be adapted to the needs of your department. The Student Placement Agreement (SPA) was reviewed by the Student Placement Information Working Group, established in 2018. It was made up of representatives from universities, health services and the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). The proposed changes to the G.S.O. were welcomed by the health sector and 95% agreed to standardization.

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