Such Agreement

April 12, 2021 admin

Some content available in certain services is purchased by you by the third party (as shown on the product page and/or during the acquisition process for relevant content), not by Apple. For example, Apple Books is purchased by book publishers, not Apple. In this case, Apple acts as an agent for the content provider in providing content for you, so Apple is not a party to the transaction between you and the content provider. However, if you are a customer of Apple Distribution International Ltd., Apple Distribution International Ltd. is the record reseller for the content you purchase from certain services (p.B Apple Books), but that content is authorized by the content provider. The content provider reserves the right to apply the terms of use of such content. The content provider is solely responsible for such content, any guarantee, as long as these guarantees have not been withdrawn, and any claims you or any other party have with respect to that content. Apple also reserves the right to modify, suspend or discontinue services (or their parts or content) at any time, with or without notification, and Apple will not be liable to you or others if it respects these rights. The principles underlying a tacit contract are that no person should receive unfair benefits at the expense of another person and that no written or oral agreement is required to obtain fair play.

For example, the tacit guarantee is a kind of tacit contract. When a product is purchased, it must be able to perform its function. A new refrigerator must remain refrigerated or the manufacturer or seller has not complied with the terms of a tacit contract. Free trial versions or free offers for Apple Paid subscriptions, with the exception of iCloud, cannot be combined with free trial versions or Apple One offers. If you`re in a free trial version or a free offer for Apple Paid subscriptions and subscribe to Apple One, your test files or free offers won`t be cancelled, even if you have access to those Apple Paid subscriptions through your Apple One subscription.

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