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29 May

Who are you creating for?

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After weeks or months of planning, you finally launch a new campaign on social media that your department is pumped about. You saw another program do something similar, saw how successful it was for them and thought this would be great for your fans as well.

You launch, and your mentions on Twitter are filled with peers from athletic departments across the country, praising how great your idea is. They are sharing it, asking about the process behind it and looking to copy it. You’re feeling great. Your hard work is being noticed.

Then you check to see what your fans are saying. They have to love it, right? Engagement must to be through the roof. You just know that they’ll be commenting, sharing, retweeting, replying, clicking.

Nothing. It seems that the only people who thought your idea was great are your peers. So what happened? It worked for another university, so why not you?


10 Mar

What story are you telling on social media?

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Too often we jump into social media, whether in our overall strategy or as we move into a new season, without stopping to think about who we are and where we are going. This may be due to a perceived lack of time, resources, information or all of the above. We know we are going to tweet out scores, post some pictures on Facebook and Instagram, maybe throw in a few YouTube videos where we chat with players. We head out hoping to get retweets, replies, likes, shares, comments and clicks. That’s the goal, right?

The reality is that – and this isn’t breaking news to anybody – every message that comes out from your department should have a purpose. Social Media strategies are an obvious necessity, but how do we actually get there? For any athletic department or team, it starts with answering three questions.

Typewriter What is Your Story



19 Jan

Manti Te’o, Social Media and Student-Athletes. What now?

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Much has been made of the Manti Te’o situation. With him being the face of Notre Dame football this season, that is to be expected. I wanted to wait until we heard his side, which we now have, before choosing to write about it, and what it means for student-athletes on social media, and how universities/athletic departments approach it.

This post won’t be about whether or not his story is believable. It won’t be a story judging his character.

For those unfamiliar, (former) Notre Dame LB Manti Te’o was the apparent victim of an internet hoax referred to as Catfishing – when a person pretends they are someone they are not, usually on social media, in order to deceive someone. Most of you will remember his trying season, when in the span of a few hours he lost his Grandmother and girlfriend. It was an incredible narrative. Now it turns out that his girlfriend, who he “met” online, was in fact not real. Never existed. Fittingly, news of the story as I was sitting on a panel at theNCAA Convention, discussing student-athletes and social media.