Texas Instruments Software License Agreement

April 13, 2021 admin

Code Composer Studio contains third-party software. A list of these articles and their licensing agreements is available in the software manifest. The software manifest for Coder Studio is available both in the installation folder/doc and on the ccs download site. In addition, these multi-user licenses are only available electronically. TI-Nspire™ and TI-Nspire™ CAS Student Software offers volume reduction for orders of more than 30 seats. This limited licensing agreement (“agreement”) is a legal agreement between you (either a natural or legal person) and Texas Instruments Incorporated (“TI”). The “software” consists of the following materials: (a) materials, which are identified as ti-owned software in the software manifest for software subject to the terms of this software, and any “online” or electronic documentation related to these programs, or part of it (the “licensed materials”) and (b) materials identified as open source hardware or third-party proprietary software in the software manifest or part for the software (“Public Software”). To be more precise, your use of the materials granted is subject to the licensing conditions of this Agreement and your use of Public Software is subject to the separate licensing conditions specified in the software manifest and/or identified or contained in the hardware to which they apply. This Agreement does not limit your rights or grants you rights that extend the terms of a license agreement applicable to public software, or grant you rights that relay them.

By installing, copying or using the materials granted, you accept the terms of this contract. If you do not accept these conditions or do not accept these conditions, do not download or install licensed materials. All OFFERS of TI-Nspire™ computer software and ti-SmartView™ emulator are available in a variety of license types. These multi-user licenses simplify deployment and installation processes and help IT administrators manage their licenses to meet their specific needs. Redistributions must retain existing author references and reproduce this limited license (including the above mentions on copyright and the disclaimer and (if applicable) the source code licensing restrictions below) in the documentation and/or other materials provided with the distribution. TI hereby grants you a global, free and non-exclusive license in terms of copyright and patents that it now owns or owns, makes, uses, imports, has offered to sell and sell the materials granted (“Benefits”. With respect to the above patent license, such a licence is granted only to the extent that such a patent is necessary for the use of the materials granted. The patent license does not apply to combinations containing the materials granted, with the exception of combinations with devices manufactured by or for IT (“IT devices”).

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