Voluntary Youth Agreement

April 14, 2021 admin

Assistance service agreements can last up to six months. Depending on the situation, you may be able to renew a support service contract. A youth agreement is a legal agreement between you and the Ministry of Child and Family Development (MCFD) in case of extreme distress. A thorough assessment of your circumstances will be completed by your local MCFD office, and if appropriate, we will work with your family to meet your needs. ADR is an approach to resolving disputes between you and a company. This approach, where appropriate, encourages the involvement and support of the family and extended family and your community in planning and making decisions for children and adolescents. ADR focuses on bringing the right people together to develop the best plan for you. For example, if you don`t agree with the company on the type of mediation that is best for you, ADR can bring together the right people to explore options and develop a plan. If you have signed a volunteer contract, your child will stay with you. CAS keeps your file open and can take other steps if you don`t follow the agreement or if you have new concerns about whether you can take care of your child.

The purpose of these services is to help you take care of your child at home. But if your child can`t be cared for at home, you may be able to get an agreement on special needs. If, on your 18th birthday, you have a VYSA with a company, you are eligible for the “Continuous Assistance and Support for Youth” (CCSY) program. CcSY provides financial and non-financial support to youth between the age of 18 and 21 (for example. B service by a company employee). Talk to your company employee about the range of supports that may be available to you. Your child should have the opportunity to speak to a lawyer in the Children`s Lawyer`s Office (LCO) for independent legal advice before the contract is signed. CAS usually settles a transfer to the OCL and a lawyer is mandated. If CAS refuses to enter a VYSA, your child can contact the OCL. At other times, only your child enters into an agreement with CAS. This means that they sign, not you, the collaboration agreement with CAS. This type of agreement is called the Voluntary Youth Assistance Agreement (VYSA).

The least disruptive approach: young people are often the best helped in their families, large families and communities. The service will, if necessary, promote the least disruptive way of protecting young people. The service will encourage the participation of families, large families and communities in making decisions about the safety and well-being of young people. You can often conclude these agreements through collaborative planning and decision-making. You may be able to extend the agreement if you need it. If you are a First Nation, Inuk or Métis Youth, the company will inform your First Nation group or first nation, Métis or Inuit community, that the company is ready to enter into an agreement with you so that services are provided to you in a way that respects your cultural identity and helps you preserve yourself and help you stay connected to your community. heritage and traditions. You can enter into an agreement with a company in which you live to obtain services and assistance, subject to the following eligibility criteria, all of which are necessary: Link with Kin, Community – Culture: Maintaining links with loved ones, community and culture are closely linked to sustainability planning and positive outcomes for young people. Young people will have access to appropriate cultural services. If you are a child or teenager and want to talk to someone, call the Children`s Helpline at 310-1234. The first agreement can last up to six months and can be extended by 12 months.

If you can`t keep your child for a while or if a social worker wants to take your child home, you can ask the ministry to place your child with family or friends to take care of them. You can organize this by an agreement on the advanced family program.

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